Nominated for a Best App Ever Award for 2009, Monkeys in Space: Escape to Banana Base Alpha is a line drawing game at its best for iPhone and iPod touch. Monkeys float helplessly in space, and it's up to you to save them!

"It is hands down one of my favorite and most compelling gaming apps this year."
— The Married Gamer

"Polished to a sparkling sheen the addictive gameplay is made impossibly better by the addition of monkeys."
— ZTGamer

About Monkeys in Space:

Monkeys in Space is available on the iPhone App Store: Buy it now

Every day, countless monkeys float helplessly in space! But who will save them? Will it be you? If you think you're the right monkey for the job, then suit up and get rescuing!

Draw lines to direct monkeys into the appropriate space station, but be careful not to let the monkeys touch! Link monkeys together for huge bonus points!


OPENFEINT ENABLED - Monkeys in Space is OpenFeint enabled. Track your high scores online and compare them with your friends. Collect achievements by mastering the game!

UNLOCKABLE MAPS - Monkeys in Space features 4 maps. Rescue monkeys to unlock each successive map, each with a new set of challenges! (4th map added in v1.1)

ADORABLE MONKEYS - Monkeys in Space has the cutest space monkeys you've ever seen! They need your help! How can you not want to rescue them?

MULTI-TOUCH ENABLED - Play the game with one hand, two, or team up with a friend!

MUSIC CHOICES - Enjoy the custom soundtrack written for the game, or listen your own iPod music while you play.

AUTO-SAVE - Monkeys in Space auto-saves your game when you quit or answer a phone call.

And More!

Monkeys in Space