Dapple was selected as one of Kotaku.com's Best iPhone Games of 2009. In Dapple, mix paint colors to make matches on the board. Master the way in which colors combine to become an expert player.

"Dapple is a knockout puzzler with a mixing paint theme ..."

4.5 out of 5 Stars
"It's a fun new take on the color-matching formula that requires some new strategies and makes for loads of fun."

"Dapple is a great blueprint in iPhone game design - flawlessly executed with many small flourishes. It's definitely worth a look."

"the integration of color mixing basics and beautiful presentation make Dapple a definite must have."

About Dapple:

Dapple is available on the iPhone App Store: Buy it now

Dapple is a color matching game for the hardcore puzzle game player. Do you like match-3 games, but want something with a little more challenge? Try Dapple! In Dapple, mix paint colors to match 4 or more of the same color together. You'll need to learn the ways in which colors mix to become an expert player! Play the game that The Portable Gamer called "the Hexic of our times"!


3 Game Modes - Play in 3 different game modes! Classic, Timed, and 2 Player Mode!

Classic Mode - Take your time and play without any kind of time pressure. Rack up the highest score possible before you run out of moves.

Timed Mode - Race against the clock in Timed Mode! A timer continuously ticks down while you play, but making matches increase the amount of time you have left. A great game mode for players looking for a more intense game.

2 Player Mode - Play against a friend or a computer opponent in 2 Player Mode! Battle for control of the board. Make massive combos to push the dividing line on the board towards your opponent. Play until one player has no moves left.

Color-Blind Mode - Dapple uses completely different art for Color-Blind Mode providing a compelling experience for color-blind players.

Music - Dapple contains custom music written specifically for the game. Play with the game's custom soundtrack, or listen to your iPod music while you play.

Personal and Global High Scores - Compare your high scores to players around the world with Global High Score lists, or track your own scores to try beat your records!

Auto-Save - Dapple auto-saves your game any time you quit or answer a phone call. Never lose your game in progress!

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