I’m going to try to start posting the occasional tutorial on my blog. For now these will concentrate on aspects of iPhone development that I’ve struggled with and feel other people could benefit from. If you would like to see a tutorial on any specific aspect of iPhone development, email me and I’ll consider it (info@streamingcolour.com).


1. Tracking iPhone Memory Leaks with Instruments – I use some example code to track down and fix two memory leaks in an iPhone app using Instruments.

2. Creating an iPhone Game Video – I created a gameplay walk-through video for Dapple and several people asked about my process, so here’s how I did it.

3. Custom App URLs – Launch your iPhone app with custom launch parameters directly from an email or a web page. Find out how with this simple tutorial.

4. Using the Expressions Window – Learn how to use this powerful Xcode debugging tool to get more information on the state of your app.