About Streaming Colour Studios:

Streaming Colour Studios is a small, independent video game development studio based in Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

About the Blog:

This development blog is written and maintained by Owen Goss, the founder and owner of Streaming Colour Studios. The blog is written with the goal of sharing the process of developing independent casual games with the audience. The blog will document the challenges, as well as the successes, encountered throughout the process of creating a game from concept to ship.

About Owen:

Owen has been working in the game industry for 6 years and has worked at companies as Electronic Arts Canada and Propaganda Games. In 2008 he set out on his own to create his own indie games studios with the goal of creating fun, non-violent, creative, casual games.

In looking for information on starting his own indie games studio, he quickly discovered that there wasn’t as much detailed information as he had hoped on how other developers had accomplished their goals. With that in mind he set out to document his entire process in the hopes that he might, someday, help out other burgeoning indie developers.