New Game Announcement: Finger Tied

Things have been rather quiet around here lately. From November of last year I spent 6 months doing contract work, but as May rolled around, I was finally free to start working on my own games again. I’ve since been working on a new game, which I’m announcing today!

My next game is called: Finger Tied.

I’m not saying too much about the game yet, but it’s a multi-touch, iPad-only puzzle game that requires dexterity, patience, and thought. I’m including a few screenshots below to give you a visual sense of what the game looks like (you may also be able to figure out how to play it). However, the game’s not done, so some of this may change before I ship.

How do you play it? How many levels are there? When will it launch? What do the menus look like (who doesn’t want to know this)? How awesome is it? These are all questions that will have to wait (except that last one: it’s very awesome).

I’ll be talking more about the game as I get closer to finishing it both here on the blog and on twitter.

Without further ado, the pictures!