Baby’s Musical Hands Now on Android

Yes, you read that right: Baby’s Musical Hands is now available for Android devices! It works on phones and tablets and can be purchased via the Android Market:

There’s some weirdness going on for US customers. It’s supposed to be listed at $0.99 USD, but for some reason the store is showing $1.00 or $1.01 USD (which I think is $0.99 CAD converted into USD). I’m trying to resolve it, but if anyone has come across this before and knows what to do, please give me a shout. 🙂

Since several people have asked, I did not do the port myself. A friend of mine (@JoshOClock) who does development for both iOS and Android took it on, and he did a great job!

So if you’ve been dying for the Android version of Baby’s Musical Hands, go pick it up, and show your friends!