The 3-Year Indie

Well would you look at that: today is my three-year anniversary of starting Streaming Colour Studios. It has been an amazing three years, full of crazy ups and downs. I wanted to write a longer, more detailed blog post looking back at the last three years, but I’m excitedly working on a new game. Maybe I’ll get to that post when I’m a little less excited about coding.

In three years, I’ve released four games to the App Store:

And I’ve done some major client work:

I’ve also recently submitted an app to the store that I created for my eight-month-old son:

I made a cool HTML5 party game that you play on your cell phone at TOJam with Matt Rix and Whitaker Blackall:

I wrote a chapter in a book:

And I’ve spoken at several conferences:

I have had a lot of fun, I have struggled at times, and I have met the most incredible people in the indie games community. Thank you all for making this such a great experience, and thank you so much to everyone who has bought my games. Here’s to many more years of indie development!