Who’s Next?

My second run with #iDevBlogADay has been great. It has forced me to blog once a week, even with a newborn baby in the house. I can say with absolute certainty that I would not have been blogging without the push from iDBaD. However, I think it’s time to pass my slot on to someone else in time for the new year.

Between the baby, my contract work, and trying to find an hour here or there to work on my own projects, I feel like writing these posts is just taking too much of my time right now, and something’s got to give. Qu├ębarium’s excellent iDBaD post yesterday reminded me that I need to buckle down and do some work (not that I’m blaming my withdrawal on him!) So, maestro (aka @mysterycoconut), if you please, add me to the end of the (extremely long) waiting list and hand my slot off to the next worthy iDev blogger.