Coming Soon: Dirty Diapers

I’ve been writing a lot of lifetstyle and technical posts for my #idevblogaday posts lately and, quite frankly, they take a really long time. 🙂 This week I’m short on time so I’m being a little more selfish.

As I mentioned last week, for the 360iDev Game Jam in November I prototyped a game I called “Dirty Diapers”. I’m excited to announce that I worked the prototype into a finished game and submitted it to Apple for approval on Wednesday of this week!

This game has a couple of firsts for me:

1) It’s a universal app and will run on iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and retinas displays, all for one low price!

2) This was an experiment in whether I could produce a shippable game in under a week of work. In fact, it was completed in about three days of work! Bear in mind that the game is very simple, but does do things like handle multitasking, tracks your best score for each difficulty, and saves your game in progress if you quit. Plus, it’s really fun!

As I mentioned, the game has been submitted, and with any luck we’ll see it for sale before Christmas!

So, without further ado, here’s a sneak peek at the game:

In a nursery full of babies, can you keep them all happy? They’ll need to be fed, changed, and rocked to stop them from crying.

Drag actions from the bottom of the screen to unhappy babies in order to soothe them. But as time ticks on, they’ll get fussy more quickly. Can you keep up? Keep a cool head to master this frantically fun game.

How many Dirty Diapers can you change?