Presentation: Finding & Fixing Mem Leaks

Last Friday I gave a talk at FITC Mobile 2010 called “Finding and Fixing Memory Leaks in iOS Apps”. As promised during the presentation, I’m making both the slides and code from the presentation available. You can read the presentation slides on SlideShare:

The Menu button in the bottom left will allow you to view it fullscreen, if you wish. It can be downloaded as a PDF if you click “view on SlideShare” and click the “Download” button at the top of the presentation.

When you get to the code part, you can download the sample project here:

Note: The code and sample project are distributed under the MIT License. See the README inside the zip file for details on what that specifically means, but basically you’re free to use the code however you want as long as you keep the copyright notice and don’t blame me for anything. 😉

I hope those of you who attended the talk found it useful.

Update (2010-09-21 – 5:44PM) – If you’re not familiar with the Leaks Instrument tool, have a read through my tutorial on how to use it. I demonstrated how to use the tool during the session, but there were no slides for that part: Tutorial: Tracking iPhone Memory Leaks with Instruments