LandFormer Update

It’s been over a month since my last post and I’ve been working hard on LandFormer. I was shooting to submit the game to Apple by the end of May, but seeing as today’s the last day of May and the game’s not ready, that’s not going to happen. I apologize to those of you who are waiting to play the game.

The good news is that I’ve had my testers playing the game and I’ve received a tonne of great feedback and bug reports. I’ve decided that a lot of the feedback was worth implementing to make the game easier to learn and nicer to use, so it’s been taking a bit longer than I thought to wrap up. The good news is that I should be ready to declare Alpha (feature complete) by the end of the day! I’m working on the last major feature today, and I should be able to wrap it up by this afternoon. After that it’s all small improvements and bug fixing until I ship the game.

So the game is coming along. It’s taken much longer than I originally planned, but I’ve put in a lot of really cool features that I hadn’t originally planned on; things like: in-game level editor, the ability to send levels to your friends, and an in-game store so you can download more levels and game themes. All of these things take time, but the end result is a game that I’m extremely proud of and very excited to get into your hands once it’s ready.

With this game I’ve taken an “it’s done when it’s great” kind of approach. I hope it’s worth the wait.


Update: At 12:25pm today I officially declared Alpha! Just tuning, tweaks, improvements, and bug fixing now. “Just”… 😉