Dapple 1.2.1

I was away over the weekend and sans-internet, which is when both Dapple and Dapple Lite 1.2.1 were approved. This is a minor update, but it fixes a couple of important bugs from 1.2 in the global high score system. Here are the release notes:

  • Fixed a hang that sometimes occurred when user had no connection to internet when accessing global high scores
  • Fixed global high scores email validation (in 1.2, email addresses that had a period before the @ symbol were marked invalid – this has been fixed)
  • Audio fixes for better battery life while playing in OS 3.0
  • A few other small fixes

One thing of note is that this update pushes the required iPhone OS to 2.2 for the game. So if your iPhone is still at 2.1, you won’t be able to play the update. I had to increase the required operating system version so that I can make the battery life improvements.

So if you’ve got Dapple, go download the update! And if you haven’t bought Dapple yet, why not? It’s only $1.99!