Migration Complete

I’ve completed the migration of the site over to my new server. Each time I move the site, it takes longer and longer. I guess it’s because I have more content each time I move my site.

I’m impressed with the new server so far. It’s so nice to have encrypted shell access to the server! I can’t believe I went so long without it!

The DNS servers should be propagating the address changes over the next 24-48 hrs. So if you hit the site and don’t see this post in the blog, it’s because your ISP is still pointing to the old server IP address. It should resolve itself in the next day or two.

One of the nice things that I get with this new server is a much better mailing list system. So if you want to be notified of Streaming Colour news, but not all the other stuff I post to the blog, hit up the mailing list page and sign up. If you already signed up for the old mailing list, I’ll be sending out an email tomorrow that will move you over to the new system.