Speaking of Sales Stats

If you’re curious to know what sales stats look like when you have the number 1 paid app in the world for a month, FireMint just posted an incredibly detailed report on their latest month’s sales stats for Flight Control.

I think it’s fantastic that they’re sharing this data with the world. The numbers are pretty mind-blowing. One of the most interesting things I saw in the report is the difference in sales numbers for the number 1 spot in the US vs. Canada. In order to be in the number 1 paid app slot in the US, they were having > 9,500 sales per day. To be in the number 1 paid app slot in Canada, they were having > 650 sales per day. That just goes to show you how huge the US app store market is compared to the Canadian market.

One of the things that makes me happy about this is that Flight Control is a fantastic game. It’s one of my favourite games for the iPhone. It’s a simple and elegant game concept that was executed extremely nicely. It’s a simple, but well-polished game, that is incredibly fun to play. It’s nice to see a great game sell well.

So, thank you FireMint for sharing this data! As another iPhone dev, I find it fascinating.