Good News

Good news, everyone! (Mandatory Futurama quote)

I have found an artist! Hooray! Now I’m trying to assembly all the random notes I have on art and layout into some cohesive wireframe mockups so that the artist can start working. This was the last big piece of the puzzle in terms of people needed to complete the game. Onward and upward!

In other good news, I fixed a few crash bugs this week and also fixed a battery drain issue I was seeing if you put your iPhone to sleep while my game was running. I also learned a few new techniques for tracking down memory issues on the iPhone, as I’m still getting used to the way the iPhone frameworks handle garbage collection. I’m finding the new Apple iPhone forums to be extremely useful in that regard. The people on there seem very friendly and willing to help out. I’m also trying to post my own suggestions to people in need of help.

Today I’ll be working on those wireframes I mentioned earlier as well as adding a “Game Over” screen to the game. Right now the game ends and you just can’t do anything anymore. You have to shut the game down and boot it back up to play again. I want to get a Game Over screen in that will allow the player to easily restart the game without reloading the game. I’ve got a few people testing the game in its early stages and this is something that’s frustrating them.